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What do toddlers do at 4am?

It’s 3:30am when I hear “mami!” from the baby monitor and I know it’s Elysse. It’s mostly always Elysse. As I stumble to the girls bedroom and as I try to soothe her to sleep she tells me “mami, popo” (yes, poopoo). Which stuns me a little because, well, the last time my little one… Continue reading What do toddlers do at 4am?

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Yep, someone please peel me off the floor

That’s pretty much me right now. Haha.  Have youever felt so tired you feel like you might just throw up? Yeah I hate that feeling too.  So the last two days have been filled with the girls of course, swim classes, grocery shopping, cleaning, avoiding major meltdowns, walking the dog, etc.  But you know what,… Continue reading Yep, someone please peel me off the floor

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Apparently it’s Meltdown Monday today 

I’m so ready to throw in the towel today, and it’s only 2:45pm. And I haven’t even been able to shower.  I’ve got two very congested girls. My theory is our  3 year old got our 8 week old sick. Which means one cranky toddler that wants to believe she’s boss and doesn’t take it… Continue reading Apparently it’s Meltdown Monday today