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A special creation

My husband and I couldn’t be more different when it comes to birthday celebrations, particularly our own.

I love celebrating birthdays. Cards, gifts, cake, pictures…the works. Whether it’s low key or something a little bigger, I just love to celebrate birthdays.

My husband on the other hand prefers not to get any gifts and just likes to keep it nice and quiet, especially if it’s for himself.

So this morning as my internal clock began to wake me from my deep slumber, my first thought was of my husband and his special day. And as I began to think of how excited I was that it was his birthday and what I wanted to write to him on the card I got him, God sent me such a beautiful message to share with my husband.

As my husband’s alarm went off and we lay there snuggled in the dark I happily wished him a happy birthday and then decided to share this message because it had come so deep from my heart and guided by God, that I wanted to make sure he felt the meaning of it through my spoken words.

I shared with my husband that today is a special day because God had chosen this exact date to create my husband, for him to live all the experiences he’s lived so far. And he chose this date with the thought in mind that one day he would join my husband’s life with mine and that together we would build the marriage and family that we have and be able to enjoy our blessings together.

I thought about whether or not I should share something so ours on something so open like my blog and then decided yes. Because this space has become somewhere where I often share very special moments, moments that I hope will stay documented and saved to be read years from now.


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