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Enjoying Silence

I was thinking the other day how programmed we are to the different noises around us. The different sounds of our cell phone tell us whether we have a text, email, Facebook update, voicemail etc and often times we quickly react to that sound. But we don’t have a cue that reminds us to stop, silence everything, and just take time to ourselves. 

I really enjoyed today’s message at church because it was about taking time to enjoy that silence and listen to God’s whisper. What I loved is that our Pastor didn’t speak this message to us, that would defeat the purpose of silence, instead we read various phrases and quotes from a screen. All of us in church sat there silently taking in the message and, atleast for me, it felt so peaceful. Now, whatever your beliefs are, I think everyone could benefit from enjoying some time in silence and using that quiet time to reflect or just sit somewhere comfortably and enjoy the moment to yourself. Of course I will mention God and church here because that’s where my thought for today is coming from and I wanted to share the following quote that stood out in my mind the most:

do you take the same time every day that you spend worrying about different things to just sit in silence and hear God’s whisper?

I instantly thought to myself, no I don’t, and what a different way to look at a situation. Because it’s true, I so often find myself over thinking different situations or playing different scenarios in my mind and it’s one of the reasons why I started meditating, to help place some stillness to my thoughts. But seeing that question made me think, when was the last time I listened to God’s whisper? 

So today, if you can, find some time to turn off your radio, silence your cell phone, and even if your only space is five minutes in the restroom, just go and give yourself some time to breathe in and enjoy the silence. Listen to what your body feels and what your mind tells you. You might be surprised with what you hear or don’t hear.


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