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Coffee? No thank you, I’m a morning person…

You know those kind of days where you wake up and you just feel delicious and energetic and like you could do anything? Well that’s the kind of morning I’m having. I feel like I could be bouncing off the walls right now, I have so much energy it’s ridiculous! I’m just not quite sure where it’s all coming from. I’ve always been a morning person, you know, the kind that people who aren’t morning persons have to tell to please hush before they have their coffee. That’s me.

I think I’m feeling this natural high because first I got plenty of sleep last night and then I woke up at 5am and went to the gym with my workout buddy, who by the way I’m hoping will make it through the day because she was awakened at 3am by her giggling roommate & guy friend and couldn’t go back to sleep, and since I got home I’ve been soaring on this adrenaline rush. It must be the positive endorphins from the workout, right?  The problem is I also feel like chattering away but there isn’t anyone here to talk with. I mean there is but I’m at work and I should be working not chit chatting, or blogging for that matter, but this is the closest thing to talking for me right now.

I think I feel excited too because it’s a beautiful warm day again here in Southern California and because of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, today it felt as if I was driving to work on a Sunday morning. The streets were so empty and quiet and there wasn’t that usual rush of trying to get past the really slow driver that’s inevititably going to make you late for work. Although to be honest it’s not usually the slow driver’s fault, it’s mine for always running out of the house at the last minute.

I was just remembering another funny incident caused by our mischevious bulldog Biggie. Saturday morning I was making a sandwich for my husband and then decided I wanted one too. I was watching Princess Diaries 2 (I know it’s corny but it’s so cute and uplifting) and so I decided to make the sandwhich on the dining table versus the kitchen counter. I knew I had to be careful because Biggie can easily reach the dining table and if there’s one thing our bulldog loves it’s food. Well I was very proud of him and his self control while I made my husband’s sandwich because Biggie just roamed around the table but didn’t make any moves to reach up to grab anything. I was done with mine and so I grabbed all the items that needed to go back in the fridge and turned to put them away. All of a sudden I hear this noise and to my horror I turn to find Biggie’s paws up on the dining table and his massive face infront of my plate!!! After that everything happened so quickly, I yelled out “oh my god no!!”, then saw my husband quickly get up (he was in the living room with his back facing us) because I’m sure my yell sounded like someone was getting killed, and then I grabbed Biggie by his collar and pulled him down while (yes I’m embarrassed to admit) letting out a few choice words. Then I burst out laughing because half of my sandwich was missing the top lid and the avocado and spinach. Needless to say Biggie had quite the little feast! Sneaky little bullie played the game well by making me think he was on his best behavior.

There’s never a dull moment since we got our little bulldog. A great day to everyone!


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