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Dubrovnik – Magical in its own right.

One of the biggest feelings that gets me every single time I travel somewhere is the crazy thought that we could be doing something so ordinary like enjoying a meal, while surrounded by such extraordinary history.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself as this photo is actually the end of an amazing day of exploring.

Dubrovnik, Croatia is magical in its own right. Not because of popularity or interest gained due to shows/movies like Game of Thrones or Star Wars VIII.

We arrived yesterday to Berkeley Hotel and Spa, which is conveniently located near a bus stop that you can take directly to Old Town, plus there are as some nice places to eat at just 5 short minutes walking distance of the hotel also. Bon Apetit was delicious!

Our first day here was hot and humid, and I do mean swear was just dripping down my back. But that didn’t stop us from checking out a little of the old city.

These small walk ways and old buildings are truly remarkable.

On Tuesday morning we had our tour scheduled at 9am, and thankfully the sky was overcast and there as a wonderful strong breeze.

Our first stop was the cable car ride for a top view is old town. Being afraid of heights I was admittedly nervous but still managed to enjoy the view. The girls loved it!

From there our tour guide led us back to the old city where she began giving us some history of Dubrovnik.

We got to go inside one of her favorite churches and explore more of the low level of the city.

You might recognize these steps from Game of Thrones.

Our tour culminated with us entering the northern side of this great wall and walking the entire top until we made it all the way around. That northern entrance is the toughest as it begins at the steepest point but then once you get past that it’s pretty flat or downhill.

The views of the city below are incredible.

I would highly recommend starting this walk before noon, especially during their hot season because that sun and heat can be brutal. It’s no wonder they have paramedics and first aid teams available because without proper hydration and food you’re just asking for trouble.

While my photos hardly do this place justice, you can see it is truly something wonderful to appreciate.


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