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Tender Words

I liked this Zelda Wisdom from a few days ago and thought we could all benefit from this and be more conscience of our words in our day to day interactions.

This reminds me of another phrase my husband shared with me once. My memory is so bad though, I can’t remember if he said it was a phrase in the Bible or in a book he read once. Basically that message was that if given the opportunity to speak or be kind, it’s best to always be kind.

I’m sure plenty of us can relate and we can think back to a time where we said something without thinking, or worse yet knowing full well that we were being defensive or right out offensive and decided to speak our mind anyway rather than be kind. Often times we are so quick to make sure to give our two cents that we don’t think about what our words will sound like or worse yet we don’t even care about the words even if we know they are unkind. I’m definitely no saint and I’ve been guilty of it too, the important thing though is to be aware of what we say.

So maybe today would be a good time to start and be more aware of this as you go about your day and even if you accidentally slip up don’t be hard on yourself, you’re already a step ahead by being conscience of it.



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