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Did I Fall?

Those were the first words out of my mouth as I found myself laying on the cool wet grass and hearing my husband gently say “It’s okay sweetie”…

One of the first things I noticed when I woke up yesterday morning was what a beautiful day it was going to be. Although the plantation shutters in our bedroom were closed you could still see small beams of sunlight shining through. Since both my husband and I were home I decided it would be great to walk Biggie together rather than stay behind to sleep in a little more, and so at 8:15am we set out. What I love about these warm days is that you no longer need to wear a light sweater in the morning and sure enough as we walked out you could start to feel the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze. We decided to take Biggie around Southcoast Plaza Mall since it was so early and the area would be pretty much empty. By the time we made it back to our community from our walk it was around 9:10am and we were just a little ways away from reaching the bend that turns toward our home.

At that moment I suddenly stopped and looked back because Biggie had decided to chomp on some bark and then I turned to look forward at the flowers blooming from a bush. Just as we were about to start walking again I felt a little dizzy and stopped and my husband asked if I was okay and after a few seconds I felt I was fine to go on. I remember thinking how nice it would be to get home and rest for a few minutes and have some water because I was starting to feel a bit warm. I felt such a relief when we turned the bend and started the short walk to our house and then we saw one of our neighbors trimming the roses of the front garden to another neighbors house. We stopped to say hi and since Biggie just loves her he went up to her and got some loving from her. Then suddenly I reached out my hand to my husband and whispered that everything was getting really blurry, I remember feeling like I was about to get sick, and at the same time seeing Biggie rush and crash into a grocery bag that our neighbor had set down behind her.

After that it felt as though I was waking up from the middle of a dream. I had just fainted. The weird thing is I thought my husband had started to walk me to our house because I thought I had been talking, but apparently right after I reached out to my husband he grabbed me in his arms and I was out for a few seconds. Maybe the voices I thought I was speaking were actually the voices of my husband and our neighbor talking. It was the strangest sensation when I started to come to and heard my husband reassuring me and then seeing the world sideways as I lay on the grass. My husband quickly put Biggie in the house and I started to get the giggles imagining myself laying in the neighbor’s front lawn. This had never happened to me so it was quite the experience.

Since I’m pregnant my husband thought it would be a good idea to take me to urgent care and I agreed, because like my husband was already thinking, I wanted to make sure too that everything was alright. The funny thing is this set us out on an another adventure in itself because little did we know that I couldn’t be seen at his urgent care location (which is where we went first) because I have a different provider than he does and then when we got to the correct facility it was closed. The third facility proved to be the charm. The doctor confirmed what my husband had thought, my blood sugar was low and also my blood pressure. He said I needed to be careful to eat more, especially in the mornings before walking Biggie, and saying hydrated. The important thing was that once we left the facility I get myself something to eat/drink that would elevate my blood sugar.

This actually turned out to be a really great learning experience for us. For one I was so thankful that my husband was with me and that he gave me some helpful pointers to keep in mind should this happen again, especially if I’m alone, and also it gave my husband and I a lesson in where to go in case we ever happen to have another urgent situation like this. Not only that we also found out what places are open for kids urgent care too. I took it easy the rest of the day and made sure to eat some stuff that would help raise my blood sugar and also stay hydrated. This definitely helped me to realize the kind of things I need to keep in mind now that the days are going to start getting warmer.


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