Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Santa Paws

Biggie has decided that bulldogs inside a chimney are a much better suprise than Santa Claus and all his glorious bag of goodies.  Or maybe he’s plotting his escape route?    

Last night I found Biggie had suddenly grown a beard and it didn’t take long to figure out his cheeks were a nice deep black from having stuck his face inside the fireplace.  I wanted to burst out laughing but instead I put on my oh so serious voice and proceeded to have a full monologue with him on why it’s not a good idea to go sticking his face in there.  The look on his face was priceless when I told him no and to follow me so I could clean him.  Granted he doesn’t have that many expressions to choose from, other than indifference or the wide eyed look he gets when he picks up a delicious scent or is about to pounce. 

This morning I found a very jolly Biggie eager to get some belly rubbing and I was certain he had learned his lesson, but like all determined bulldogs, there is mischief on the mind.  Biggie had grown a new black birthmark overnight on his wrinkly little forehead.  Ay this little beast!  He tried to convince me with those dreamy little eyes that someone had planted the stain on his forehead to get him into trouble, because of course he did nothing but be on guard and sleep throughout the night. 

Update:  My husband just called, our big boy is actually a coal miner, and he’s sporting quite the 5 o’clock shadow. 

Biggie’s adventures to be continued…  


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