My Aha Moment

I realized today that doing nothing can be just as rewarding, if not more, than being productive and busy the entire day. I found myself with this wide open space to do whatever I wanted, and what I wanted more than anything was to lay on the couch and be lazy and watch a movie or show on tv, something I don’t do too often.  It was great because Biggie came over and laid down infront of me on the couch and it felt wonderful not to have a checklist to take care of or anything to worry about getting done. 

Around 2pm though I started to look at my watch because I knew my mom would be calling me soon.  The day before my mom had told me about an invitation to go to my uncle and his girlfriend’s apartment for a little get together.  The weird thing is I was really enjoying my lazy day and I kind of regretted agreeing to go and I have to admit that as I changed and got in the car I felt somewhat anti-social which is so unlike me because I love hanging out with family and/or friends and socializing.  I realized though that I was feeling this way because I’d just spent a good 5 hours alone, just our dog and I, enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  It seemed so odd to me to have that emotion.

But then I had another aha moment, because as I started to walk towards their apartment I realized what I had felt a few minutes ago was completely gone and I couldn’t wait to get inside and have some human interaction.  It was fun to see some of my uncles and aunts and their friends and my parents. And once again I was able to enjoy all the moments today…the relaxing time I spent with myself and then the opportunity to socialize and hear fascinating and funny stories from some of my family and uncle’s friends.

Now it’s time to enjoy a few more minutes of relaxation before bed.  Goodnight all!


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