TV Indulgence

I don’t usually get sucked into TV shows, actually right now what I seem to be obsessed with are past episodes of The Office. Love, love, LOVE that show. My husband and I have been renting past seasons and watching them, except right now we don’t have a new season to watch so that leaves me no choice but to channel surf when I have some down time. When my little fingers grab a hold of the control there is a show that I have become sickly sucked into and I can’t comprehend why…

Have you heard of “Say Yes To The Dress”? It’s basically about brides to be that go to this wedding boutique called Kleinfeld to find their dream wedding dress. I don’t know why and have no real explanation for it, but whenever I see that it’s on tv I can’t pull away from it. Sometimes I’ll be home alone and I’ll see that it’s on and I’ll say to our dog “Biggie, it’s Say Yes To The Dress!”. Yes I realize that it’s probably more disturbing that I’m actually talking with my dog but he seems to enjoy it and sits and watches it with me.

So like I said, I can’t seem to explain what draws me to this show, maybe it’s just the fact that I love seeing people try on these different pretty dresses and that look of happiness in their eyes, even when sometimes they’ve gone 2 x over their budget. While I can’t fathom the kind of money that is spent on a wedding dress, it’s still fun to watch and I get sucked in. I find this especially amusing because our own wedding was so beautiful and low-key and simple. I loved our wedding day, the dress I wore, and I wouldn’t change anything of our day because it was the happiest moment in my life. For some unexplainable reason though I get a kick of this show.

Well there you have it, confession of my tv indulgence. Once again I’m getting to bed extremely late. Until tomorrow!


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