“The Me I Want To Be”

Not too long ago I wrote in a post that there are so many blessings in my life that I’m thankful to God for and also that I had this feeling there is something more that God created me to be but I haven’t quite figured it all out yet because it’s a growing process. Then I heard at our Church that we’d be starting a new series called “The Me I Want To Be”. I couldn’t be more excited! Especially because this new series gives us the opportunity to be a part of a small group for six weeks as well as use a package called Monvee to help in our journey and spiritual growth.

My husband and I really love to build a sense of community not only where we live but also at our Church. The only difficult thing is that we live in Santa Ana and our Church is in Long Beach so the commute sometimes makes it tough for us to find a small group that meets up at a time that works for us as well as my husband’s changing work schedule. Everything fell into place this time around though because we found a small group for married couples that will meet every Sunday at 10am for six weeks (the length of the series) and my husband has Sundays off for the next 5 weeks. We’ve met with the hosts of this small group in a previous series called Leaving Your Legacy so I was really looking forward to getting together with them again. Plus I agree with what they said to us today at our first meeting…that although the small group is for married couples and the message is about the me we want to be it is important for us because the me that we are ultimately affects the marriage and relationship that we have with our partners.

Today’s message at Church was very touching too, it was an introduction to the series and our Pastor talked about being “Fully Alive” and I think maybe all of us can relate at some point that maybe we aren’t fully alive and living the life that God created us to live. Here are some of the notes I wrote down from the service that really resonated in my heart…

There is someone you were created to be and God created you in his image

Being fully alive in your life means being connected to God and being connected to God means being fully alive

There is no deep knowing of God without deep knowing of yourself.

Live your fully flourished life.

In our life we quarrel with: The me I pretend to be, The me I should be, and The me I’m afraid to be

God works for the good of those who love him

Spiritual growth is individual and unique because we are not mass-produced. God has uniquely designed and wired you.

All of these things our Pastor shared rang in my heart and especially what he said about the three things we quarrel with in our life. We all have such different demands in our lives and things we have to juggle and I think one of the most important things is being our true selves, that self that God created us to be. I’m eager to find out what that means for my husband and I as individuals and as husband and wife and I’m so excited about starting this new spiritual journey and opening my heart even more so that I can really receive God’s message for me and be that person I was created to be. Plus now that I’m going to be a mom it also brings new light into my life and makes me think more of the kind of influence I want to be for my daughter and also what I desire that my husband and I as parents be for our daughter.

Here is a video of one of the songs I loved and that they played at our Church today.






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