Four down, eight more to go?

They say the first three months of having a baby are the toughest…we just survived four weeks. I wonder what happens after the 3 month mark? Does it just magically change or is it that your body and mind finally become accustomed to the sleep deprivation and you learn a new way of functioning?

We had another rough night last night. Our little one decided she didn’t want to sleep after her 2am feeding and instead stayed up for a few hours. Those are the moments when its difficult not to think about the last four weeks of sleep deprivation and that your body is beginning to give up and that its really no wonder you’re feeling under the weather. How do you avoid getting sick when you haven’t had enough rest in a month and you’re stressed and tired?

And then a brand new day begins and both my husband and I are hurting physically and mentally. And the crazy thing is you wake up and somehow do it all over again. The beauty of it is that through the tough moments God sends you hilarious moments that keep you sane, and loving tender moments that remind you why it is that you’re able to do it all over again…despite being tired, having a throbbing headache, or feeling sick.

God reminds me of my blessings and gives me the strength I need when I see our little baby, healthy and growing, and when I take a step back to appreciate that I have a loving and supportive husband, as well as family and friends in our lives. Plus I also have the hope that one day there will be a night of good sleep. It may not be around the corner, but I know it’s out there somewhere making its way to us.


One thought on “Four down, eight more to go?

  1. Survived 4 months?? She’s only 1 month old! Hehe. Omg beans…I feel tired just reading this. Lol! Takes me back to those days when one of my kids would wake up crying, and that would cause the other to wake up, and having 2 crying little ones at the same time. Soooo horrible! I’d literally fall asleep rocking them to sleep. Sigh. But guess what? Enjoy this time bc it’s easier than when they get to be toddlers. I know you don’t sleep enough now but later, even though you’ll sleep full nights, you’ll run around all day long, non-stop! Work will be your escape! Lol! Either way…children are wonderful. Your sleepless nights are worth every single second! Feel better! ❤


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