Life · Parenthood

First Hike

We’re off to El Morro Park for our first family hike with baby Celeste!!

It’s such a beautiful and sunny day in CA, plus we haven’t been on a hike together since we found out I was pregnant, maybe even a little bit before then so its been about a year. I’m so excited because this is one of our favorite things to do together and we definitely would love for Celeste to enjoy nature as much as we do. We’re also talking about taking our first family camping trip and renting our friend’s small RV, better known as Station 11, so that baby Celeste will be nice and comfy.

I was telling my husband this morning how I needed some me time and wanted to go to the gym, and then he suggested we do a little hike instead. Sounded even better to me because it would get us all out of the house, which we both need, we get us time and also get in a little workout.

I’ll post some pics later of our outing. A beautiful and blessed day to you all!


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