Looks like a horse-y but it’s a lama!

On Saturday my daughter, mom, god daughter, cousin, and I got to experience all sorts of animal farm fun as we enjoyed Zoomars Petting Zoo for the first time. We were out there to celebrate the 5th birthday of an old co-workers twin daughters.

I never even knew this place existed and the crazy thing is the Los Rios Historic Park (where the zoo is located) is right next door to El Adobe where my brother and sister in law got married 13 years ago.

The girls had a blast. Our goddaughter is 4 and Celeste is just three months shy of turning 3, so the two of them play well together.

We got there in time to get one of a few free tickets the hosts had for the kids to feed the animals and to ride the train. Some animals my daughter hadn’t seen in person so when she saw the lama she says to me all excited look mama the cute horse-y!

Here’s a few pictures of their fun time together.

Our goddaughter not too eager to feed the lama.


Feeding the little hamsters.


Choo choo train!


The corn pool, one of their favorites


3 generations: my mom, self, and daughter.


Even though it rained a bit the girls still got in a ton of play time and I can’t wait to go back there another day. The historic park also offers loads of beautiful places that we didn’t even get a chance to see, so I’m excited to go back there soon.


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