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Welcome to Kurios 

I think the moments I feel the most happiness is when I am taken away by our kids enthusiasm for life. When I see life through their eyes. And today was real special because we took Celeste to her very first Cirque du Soleil show – Kurios. 

When we sat down at our seats she just looked around in wonder and pointed out various things to us. 

The performers were spectacular as always and the show was filled with some truly creative moments. There was so much I enjoyed about the show and by far my favorite part was seeing Celeste’s reactions. 

She howled when she especially liked someone’s performance and clapped with such excitement. And at times she was so taken by the music she danced and moved her little arms while sitting on her Papa’s lap. Having her there with us made the experience all the more fun for us. 

I wonder now that she’s asleep what her dreams will be made of. I wonder where her dreams will take her and what curiosities have opened up in her heart after seeing something so unique. And I thank God that he blesses us with the possibility to share these moments with our children. 


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