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Motherhood: There’s joy and sadness in transitions 

A few weeks ago we went through a pretty big transition with the girls. We decided it was time to say goodbye to the crib and toddler bed and upgrade the girls beds and room furniture. My husband and I checked out so many different furniture stores and in the end we fell in love with this pretty design from Living Spaces – the last store we visited.

Before the scheduled delivery date, my mom and I did a major overhaul of all their toys and got rid of a bunch of excess that we no longer needed. The girls share a room so it was a good time to do some spring cleaning, in the middle of summer.

These are a couple of before pics: 

It was a huge change for us (me primarily haha) because since 2011 we have always had a crib in our home and even though  I was so looking forward to the change and having the girls room look cleaner and more spacious, I of course briefly felt a little sad for the transition.

We decided to go ahead and get them each their own twin bed that they could grow into over the years. Since Elysse is only 20 months we got one of those hideaway rails so that she wouldn’t go flying off the bed at night. We also got them a matching dresser and the cutest little desk with chair since Celeste is at that age where she will be using a desk more.

Here’s the after pics: 

I was a little worried how Elysse would do with the transition but thankfully it all went real smooth. Plus, whereas before I had to carry her in my arms for about 5 – 10 minutes until she fell asleep and then place her into the crib, now I just lay her down on the bed and tell her it’s time for bed and eventually she just falls asleep.

The other night I was doing my usual ritual, we had just finished saying our prayers and the only light coming in was from the laser light projector my husband bought them. I was sitting on the desk chair with my back to Celeste as I waited for Elysse to fall asleep so that I could then lay down for a few minutes with Celeste, the way she always likes. Suddenly, I felt Celeste’s warm blanket around my shoulders. I hadn’t heard her get out of bed and quietly walk over to me to place the blanket on me. She quietly whispered that she wanted to make sure I was warm while I waited.

My eyes got teary because I was so touched by her kind thought and it reminded me that while each transition might be a little heartbreaking because I am saying goodbye to that phase…there are so many other beautiful moments that will come and that will take my breath away.


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