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Italy – packing and the trip 

After the luggage debacle that was our last international family trip, the one thing my husband kept saying to me when we booked our Italy trip was to pack lightly. Because back in 2014 when we traveled to Japan with Celeste who was 2 years and 4 months at the time, I think I may have taken like 4 pieces of luggage. Plus a stroller. Once I saw what that meant in real time for my husband I made a promise to myself I would get better at that, even if it meant completely letting go of my need to be prepared in excess. Meaning I tend to pack as if we’re traveling somewhere that doesn’t have the regular necessities. Haha. 

Now though instead of the 3 of us we also have our youngest, Elysse, who at 21 months is still very much not potty trained and, well, a fun and temperamental toddler. 

So I tried packing Wednesday afternoon. I even went live on Facebook (something I have never tried) to show that I was about to meet my challenge and pack light. One regular luggage to check in and one carry on. For the 4 of us. I ended up getting so anxious that all I managed to do was get all the clothing out and then putting the luggages aside. Which meant Thursday was it and it would have to get done because our flight was Friday. 

So there I was Thursday afternoon with  two very small looking luggages on our bed and a whole bunch of clothing I had to sort through and decide really what was necessary. I felt the anxiety rising up in my my chest again. So I stepped back, put on my favorite worship music, and let Jesus take the reign. 

And somehow I did it. Two luggages for the 4 of us for 11 days. And they weren’t stuffed to the rim. The big thing is that we’re planning to use the laundry service that the hotel has. In reality it’s just one luggage with our clothes and then the carry on with activities for the girls during the flight. The one thing I couldn’t quite get myself to let go of though was not bringing diapers. I know I can just buy them in Italy but truth be told I wanted one thing I could control and not have to think about and just have readily available. 

And here you have it. Biggie not included. That boy got boarded and is probably going to have the chilliest time of his life. 


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