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Technical difficulties

I really wanted to blog today but I’m running into some technical difficulties that I’m too frustrated right now to try fixing.

So, this will be a Cliff notes version of what I originally intended to share because I’m posting from my very small phone.

To give you some back story on why I’m on my phone blogging…. First, because I refuse to even try to turn on our 12 year old (or more) laptop because just getting it running will be a task in itself. We own an iPad, for which I finally bought a Bluetooth keyboard that I love using to blog with. Except I’m now having said technical issues with the keyboard. 😭

It’s fully charged but no matter how much I try to pair it with the iPad (which previously was a non issue), it won’t pair. Hence why I’m on my phone, because only worse to all that, would be typing on the actual iPad. It’s impossible. I just can’t. I’d almost rather turn on the dinosaur laptop, haha!

So to keep my sanity I will share two things in brief. Yesterday was my youngest’s SIXTH birthday. Yep, all the feels. How is she six?! She had a fantastic day and I think my favorite part was when we sang Happy Birthday (very off key) and seeing her joy and fun expressions. I want to remember that for always.

I now have a 9 year old and a 6 year old. 😭

What does that mean for my blog name though? I mean clearly I’m past the diaper bag transition. But really do we ever abandon our “diaper bag” full of mommy arsenal we pull out when it’s time to save the day? Whether that be something tangible we present from our bag of tricks or words of love and encouragement. I don’t think we ever do as moms.

Second, I was feeling pretty “meh” today. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been going back and forth with this feeling all day. So I saw this quote and it reminded me of hope.

It just made me realize that the gift requires action. It’s up to each of us what we do with our gift and how we choose to present it to the world. I pray that I always choose love and kindness and that you will too.

That’s all for today because my fingers are cramping.


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