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I spent some time reading Anne of the Islands this morning and one of the things I like to do is take a phrase that touches my heart and expand on it a little bit more.  I love how someone else’s words can inspire a worldwind of new ideas in every reader. 

In the book, Anne has arrived in Kingsport where Redmond College is located and after registering, her and her friend Priscilla decide to go to Old St John’s cemetery where they go about reading various epitaphs.  Anne comes across one in particular where they describe the person laying there as the “best of husbands, the best of fathers, the best of friends” and she marvels at how they describe his personal qualities and wonders if they told this man all those best things he was while he was alive. 

And that inspired my topic for today.  When was the last time you told someone “the best” they are or how much you appreciate them or x thing they do or how much they mean to you?  Kindness sometimes seems to be underrated and we get so caught up in our personal priorities and wants/needs that we sometimes forget how much a kind word can mean to someone and that it can be powerful enough to change a person’s day.  We don’t give kindness the credit it deserves and the proper significance to the words we choose and the power they have to bring a smile to someone’s face, or a tear of joy, or just that warm fuzzy feeling inside.  The beauty of this gift is that in the end you become the receiver as well, because who doesn’t feel just a little happier knowing they’ve just touched someone’s heart or brightened their day? 

Today I will have kindness on my mind and I hope that you will too and maybe you’ll even go a little step further and reach out to someone and let them know what they mean to you, or perhaps you’ll smile at stranger as you pass them by and wish them a good day.  Whatever you choose to do will be special, because kindness can not be overrated.


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