Black Swan

Saturday evening my husband and I went to see Black Swan, which was interesting (to say the least) and left me rather baffled, particularly the ending.  I was going to write about it that night, but I’m a bit glad I didn’t because I’m finding that with every day that passes I like the movie a bit more than I did that night. 

I would love to get people’s input on this movie, so feel free to share your thoughts.  Whether you agree or disagree or maybe can add something new to what I got out of this movie, since I am by no means a film critic.     

I expected this to be a dark movie but was taken by surprise by the suspense, the craziness, and Nina’s (main character) battle with her sexuality and letting go and other insecurities/fears.  Nina is this devastatingly frigid and perfectly controlled ballerina who has secured the lead role as the Swan Queen but she feels everyone is out to get her.  It was touching when the director told her something along the lines that no one was out to get her, except herself.  Which I realized as the movie progressed how much truth there was in that.  Essentially we get to see  Nina’s paranoid thoughts and battles with herself played out on screen, which stem from her controlling mother and the pressures of perfection placed on her by others and mostly on herself.  I felt sad for her because here she was this beautiful and talented girl, and yet she was so restrained and hard on herself.  It made me think of how we are sometimes our harshest critics and do more harm to ourselves when we allow our minds to get lost in negative thoughts.   

Another part I loved about the movie was the moment where she dances as the Black Swan and the physical transformation we saw (I won’t spoil this for you if you haven’t seen the movie) as well as the beauty the audience within the movie captures from her performance.  She was beautiful, powerful, and scary all in one ~ all the things she had always kept well under control in order to be perfect.  It was here that she finally appeared to break free from herself. 

What I still don’t understand is the ending.  Was that the only way she could finally feel and let go?


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