Merry Christmas ~ 2010

I couldn’t ask for anything more today.  As I sit her reflecting on what I’d like to share I feel the warmth of the fireplace radiating on my back, our little bulldog Biggie is sleeping in his favorite spot sunbathing, and I hear the sound of music coming from the garage as my lovely husband practices his drums.  My heart is filled with love and happiness and I think, these are the moments that love is made of.  These are the moments that I thank God for and appreciate the blessings He has bestowed on us.

Last night’s Christmas Eve celebration with my family was another moment of love.  Delicious food, family time, and laughter and chatter filled my parents home.  Amid all the crazy piles of gifts, torn up paper, and happy noise, what I loved the most and soaked in was the feeling of love, family, and togetherness.  All I wanted to do was capture those moments forever in my heart. 

This morning as I was making breakfast and my husband was opening his Christmas gift I thought to myself how blessed I am and how no matter what moment comes next I know that I now have the memory of his smile, and his hug and his kiss, and my heart and home is filled with love.

I know that some of us today may be hurting or suffering, and yet I believe with all my heart in the love of God and that He will provide for us if we allow him too and that we can create positive experiences for ourselves even in the toughest of times if we believe, we love, and we are kind to ourselves and to others.   

A very Merry Christmas to everyone and may love be in your hearts and thoughts, always.  Or as my husband and I say a “love-a-bull” Christmas to all!   


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