A little help from Daily Post

It’s almost midnight and I’ve yet to submit my post for the day. Since I don’t have a lot of time to think up something I thought I’d use some help from Daily Post.

Todays topic is ‘what are you looking forward to?’  At first I thought of some general things like the fact that I have the day off tomorrow so I get a long weekend, plus I get to sleep in a little. I look forward to seeing Madi tomorrow and enjoying a nice long walk with biggie. And I’m also looking forward to getting to meet my cousin’s new baby.

Thinking about her baby got me thinking about my husband and I and how I look forward to the day that we can have a baby. There’s a saying in Spanish that goes ‘uno pone y Dios dispone’ which essentially translates to we make plans but God decides. I believe that God will send us our baby when he knows its time for us, in the meantime its always fun trying. I know that when that day comes I will hardly know how to express the happiness inside me.

All in all though I look forward to each new day and the new experiences I’ll have and the blessings God gives us.  

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