Some days are easier to write than others

I’ve been in a writing slump today. It’s not that I have writer’s block because I can think of some things I could write about, but the thing is I’m not feeling like I want to write about any of those things. I think it has more to do that I don’t really feel like writing, which is weird for me because I usually love to write. Except right now, I just don’t feel inspired or in the mood to write.

Apparently Biggie also feels that there are way better things I could be doing right now than sitting here staring at the screen. He just pushed his way into my lap and stuck his face infront of me and reached up to give me a big kiss on my chin. I love this little boy!

This reminds me, Southern California Bulldog Rescue is having their first ever Annual Bulldog Flyer and they are asking for families of rescued bulldogs from SCBR to share their success stories. That means us! I can’t wait to share our story of Biggie. I’ve been thinking about what I want to include and once I’m done with it I’ll post it here too.

Tomorrow shall be a better writing day, I can feel it.  Good night.


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