Journey of my first 5K run

Who Knew Running Could Feel So Great?

I haven’t been posting much about the journey of running my first 5k and part of that has to do with the fact that I haven’t been running as consistently or often as I should be. I figure it’s okay though, the race is until May 1st. But then I get this funny feeling that the date might just creep up sooner than I expect if I’m not careful.

Now that’s not to say I haven’t been running at all because I have. My workout buddy has been making sure of that, not only for my sake but hers as well since we’re running this race together. The times we have had a chance to run have felt really great. The first time I wrote about taking on this new challenge I made it very clear how much I associate the sport of running with pain. But I’m finding that the more I run, the more I want to keep doing it. This is such an alien feeling for me. My body is actually enjoying what I’m putting it through. We haven’t had a chance to run outdoors again so our training has been at the gym on the boring treadmill, but despite the fact we’re inside, every time I’m running and it’s getting close to our finish time I find that I want to keep going.  Not only that but I feel so energetic afterward and throughout the day. Who knew I could get such a natural high and great feeling from this?

I won’t be turning into an avid runner any time soon and planning a half marathon or anything like that, but I am very happy to report that thus far I’m enjoying this experience more than I thought I would. I still dream of jumping in the pool to swim some laps, but in the meantime this sure does feel great.


One thought on “Who Knew Running Could Feel So Great?

  1. You must tell me how to ‘start’ running. I can only run about 50 metres before giving up and I never seem to get any better!


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