I Love Paris In The Springtime, I Love Paris In The Fall…

It’s time to polish up my French because my husband and I are off to Paris! Woohoo, or should I say, oh la la. Last night we cancelled our trip to Japan and booked our flight and hotel to Paris. I’m really excited because Paris was my second pick when we were deciding where to go for Spring break. Both my husband and I have been there before (before we met) however when I visited back in like oh 1999 it was with a tour and the day and a half we got in Paris was hardly enough time to enjoy the city.

I was thinking back to that tour trip and how time flies by. I ended up going with this young married couple (a friend of my mom’s) and I invited one of my cousin’s to join me. We went with Contiki Tours for about 11 days and from what I can remember we visited (in no particular order) London, Amsterdam, Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Venice, Paris, Lucerne, Munich, and there was one more spot but I can’t remember the name of the city, I think it was in Austria. It was such a fun trip, although sometimes the late nights and early mornings were tough but what I loved was that I got a little taste of different places. I had always wanted to go to Paris so that was one of my favorite spots, and the last leg of our tour, so unfortunately we didn’t get that much time there and that’s why I’m completely floored that, God willing, my husband and I will be there for 6 nights. I’m thrilled!! I never thought it would take me this long to revisit and who better to be going with than my husband.

So now I have Frank Sinatra’s I love Paris song stuck in my head and the pigeon scene from the movie Forget Paris. I know this is totally random but really still somewhat related, yes because it has Paris in context, and plus it’s too funny not to share. I need to watch this movie again. Enjoy and Au Revoir!

PS – Did you notice the adorable little bulldog pup when she walks into the doctor’s office? Go back and watch it, he/she is so cute!


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