6 Reasons why the color Purple rocks!

I had one of my biggest Aha! moments today thanks to the color purple and I thought, why not make a list of the reasons why, for me, the color purple rocks. I saved the best for last.

  • I was born in February, and very appropriately the birthstone is Amethyst…is it any wonder I love the color purple?
  • A few weeks ago my husband and I went shopping for a new pair of tennis shoes. I had had my pair for at least 5 years, which I’ve heard is way past the life span for most workout shoes. So as I’m looking around at the different styles, this purple Nike pair caught my eye. Normally I don’t like to draw attention to myself, especially when it comes to clothes. But I just couldn’t resist the deep purple color, even though I realized I would always look like a mismatch of colors when going to the gym to workout since I tend to wear colorful tops when I workout. Not a problem though, as long as I’m feeling good during my workout, who cares if I’m not color coordinated.
  • I have a rocking (in my opinion) rain jacket that’s purple, what better way to say hello to an overcast and rainy day?! Since I can remember, I’ve always gone for the basic black rain jacket, but lately, the more color in my life, the better.
  • Speaking of the rain, I usually just weather the storm by running out in black boots or my little slip on shoes, but my mom convinced me to finally spend some money on some rainboots (I thought $20 wasn’t too bad) and bought this pair that has a little splash of purple in them – which coincidentally matches well with my rain jacket. Ha!
  • And then today’s Aha! moment…

I can’t remember the last time I had a manicure/pedicure…was it before having our baby or a month after? Well, either way, it’s been a long time. Earlier today when I was chatting with my mom she told me she had an appointment for a mani-pedi and I thought, hmmm, if it works out well with the baby’s feeding schedule maybe I can go too. My husband was completely supportive of the idea, he’s so good about ensuring that I get some me time, I couldn’t be more thankful. As I was sitting there at the nail salon debating on what color to choose I thought, you know what, I’m going to just go with it, and I chose these beautiful lavender color. But wait, not only for my feet, but hey, let’s go all out and paint my fingernails that color too! For those that know me well, they know this is a very rare occurence. Usually my fingernails are just cut short, no color. Not even a clear base.

So I get home and shortly afterward my husband comes in from walking our bulldog Biggie while carrying Celeste on the Baby Bjorn and I excitedly show him my nails and he tells me they look so nice. And Celeste just loved the color, she could hardly finish eating because she kept getting distracted by the color – especially since it’s the first time I’ve had any color on my nails since having her. Well, suddenly I get a funny smell and I think, oh oh…someone just had a poopy diaper. So I take Celeste to the changing table and sure enough, it was a massive explosion. I used to panic during these moments because it was a learn as you go experience for me and sometimes it became quite the mess. But today I was relaxed and just wiping away and getting her cleaned up, when it suddenly hit me.

An hour ago I had been sitting in a comfy nail spa getting some pampering and here I was now cleaning up one of the messiest and smelliest diapers from my daughter with those same polished and done up nails. And I got the BIGGEST smile on my face because I realized in that moment how incredibly happy I am to be a mommy. It’s as if God sent me a message right then and I was overwhelmed by this blessing of having the gift of being able to have a baby and thinking…everything is worth it. There is nothing in the world that I would take in exchange for having our little girl and being a mother. My nails may not always be done up, but one constant in my heart now is the immense love and joy I have for our baby, and how incredibly thankful I am to God for this gift.



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