Milestones and New Experiences

I felt such a need just now to get on here and write. Like when your body is thirsty for water and can’t wait to be satiated.

It’s been a week of exciting milestones that I can’t wait to share. So if you’re ready for some baby stories, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Our little girl is fast approaching her 6 month birth anniversary! I can hardly believe it and wonder where the time has gone by.  Last week I started her on her first solid food. Yum, rice cereal. Ha! I was so nervous because I really had no idea what I was doing and as I was prepping her meal and she sat all smiles and cute in her bouncy chair, I started to talk with Celeste and tell her how mommy should’ve at least you tubed a video on how to feed a baby. She giggled at me. So did I. Or at the very least I should have paid more attention the countless times my mom, who is a nanny, fed so many of the little babies she’s taken care of in the last fourteen years. I know, you think I would have some experience having seen my mom do this so many times. Ah, but that is uninterest for you at it’s best! I remember I would just take a quick glance and smile and coo at whatever baby my mom was caring for and go on with my business. And here I was now, infront of my own little baby, a new experience for us both. It went really well and I managed to feed her all her cereal. Although truth be told, in the end it looked more like I was spoon feeding her liquid rather than a solid heehee.

That same morning, Celeste decided she wasn’t going to cooperate with me in taking her nap. We went from crib, to bed, to pack and play, and I finally realized this nap thing was just not going to happen, and I was tired. So I grabbed my purse, threw in a snack, grabbed my water jug, a couple of her toys, a burpy bloth, and then a blanket and Celeste, and proceeded to take her outside so we could sit by the lake. We both needed a change of scenery and to just take in the beautiful weather and outdoors. It worked like a charm, she was happy as can be, in awe of the sounds and the tree branches and sky up above. Then my husband called and offered to pick us up some lunch. We had a nice little picnic and then gave Celeste some tummy time, and then let her relax again.

And then she had another milestone. Celeste was on her back cooing and moving around, and then she rolled again onto her side. She’s been doing that thing where everything from her belly to her feet are facing down, but hadn’t quite figured out what to do with that pesty left arm that was in her way. Well, she started to roll further and further and I had my husband (who was on the side she was rolling toward) entice her with her favorite lion rattle to see if she’d turn completely. Little by little we saw as she began moving her left arm (the one her weight was on), all the while my husband softly coaxing her with the rattle toy in front of her, when suddenly she pulled her arm out from underneath and it flew out to the side and she found herself on her belly!! We were so proud and excited!! Of course we managed to contain our glee as she was rolling, and once she was on her tummy we applauded and cheered for her. She seemed in awe of the fact that she had ended up tummy side again all on her own.

Which brings me to her next new experience. On Saturday I was home alone, my husband at work, and taking care of some stuff in the kitchen while Celeste was taking her morning nap. As if on cue, just as I was finishing up what i was doing, I heard her fuss. A few seconds went by when I heard her fuss again. I called out that I’d be right there. And as I’m walking down the small hallway, I hear her fuss in an octave higher and just as I’m entering the room I’m saying “I’m coming Celes…” when I see her and my jaw drops and I stop in my tracks. Big smile on my face and say “oh my goodness Celeste!” Much to my surprise I found our little baby, whom was fast asleep on her back earlier, flat on her belly with arms stretched out and head raised high! I realized in that moment, things are about to get very fun, very fast. I keep hearing in the back of my head the latest words from other parents “enjoy these non moving times”. Oh the excitement of what is to come!

And now as we enter into May we have something else to look forward to. We just booked our very first family camping trip on Mother’s Day weekend! We’re going to be renting the RV of one of my husband’s friend/coworker, which they fondly refer to as Station 11 (as in firestation). I can’t wait! My husband and I have always tented it when it comes to camping, but now with the baby, we decided to use Station 11 for the very first time.

If anyone has any stories or tips to share about camping with a baby, I would love to hear them!



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