Mommy Brain or Just Plain Absentminded?

Now that I’ve been back at work for a few months, my mornings have become quite interesting now that we have baby Celeste. When it comes to getting ready for work I’ve always sort of just left things to the last minute, actually I tend to be like that in general, although there is always the exception here and there. My mom would always see me in the mornings changing from one outfit to another and then dashing to work, grabbing my purse, papers, keys, cell phone in a rush, and then inevitably running back inside for something forgotten. Nothing much has changed since my pre-baby days, I still don’t pick out my clothes the day before, and truth be told it’s starting to sound like a good habit to have what with each new experience – or should I say chaotic encounter – I face before jetting of to work.

The days that I work and my husband happens to be off are a blessing because while I’m getting dressed and grabbing last minute stuff, he’s helping out by getting Celeste ready and into the car. Then there’s the days that I’m flying solo and despite my desperate attempts to get things ready, I’m starting to realize more often than not that what I have in mind for the day doesn’t always fall in line with what my baby has in mind.

I’ve had a series of funny things happen to me, from being so distracted that I leave my lunch sandwich too close to the edge of the counter and then hearing our dog gobbling it up or  driving to work and making a wee too sharp turn and seeing Celeste’s car seat slowly tipping to one side (this one was both funny and scary!).

Well about two weeks ago I was in one of my morning frenzies rushing to get last minute items into the car and getting ready to put Celeste in the car seat so I could drop her off at my mom’s place and then head to work. I quickly slipped on my shoes, grabbed Celeste in her car seat and her blankie and my purse and off we were. Once I made it to work, even though I know I’m going to be busy, I sort of breathe this sigh of relief, because at least for a few hours I’m not quite fully in mommy mode.

Halfway through the morning I was walking toward the bathroom and noticed my right shoe felt quite a bit loose but I just ignored it and continued on my business. But as the day progressed the shoe kept feeling more and more loose. Finally at one point as I was sitting at my desk I looked down at my right foot thinking what the heck and groaned when I realized that in my rush I had accidentally put on the pair of black flats that I wore towards the end of my pregnancy when my feet got real swollen, so these shoes are a half size bigger. I giggled to myself and remembered my morning rush from earlier.

Then my cousin, who works with me, came back from lunch and as I was sitting at my desk I was telling her what I discovered and how similar the shoes are so I didn’t notice I wore the wrong pair and said to her “Watch, when I wear the correct pair tomorrow you’ll see”. As I’m saying this to her I look down at my feet and I’m about to lift my right leg so she can see when suddenly my jaw drops open and I tell her “Oh my gosh LOOK!! We both burst out laughing!

Here I was thinking I wore the wrong pair to work, but I was wearing two completely different shoes!!! This has never in my life happened to me. Can I even blame this on “mommy brain” or is this more of a “mommy frenzy” or possibly just plain old absentmindedness? On the bright side, they’re so similar, no one in the office even noticed.


2 thoughts on “Mommy Brain or Just Plain Absentminded?

  1. Glad that I’m not alone in this journey! My habits are very similiar to yours and one that over the years I have decided to embrace. I know flying out the door makes my brain crazy but evidently not enough to do anything about it. When my children were little I would tell myself I wouldn’t be that way when they grew up and move out of the house…..well they are gone and nothing has changed. I accept this “flaw” in myself now and who knows, maybe one day I’ll change but so would the funny stories right? Keep plugging away, at least you had shoes on……I walked out the door and half way to my destination before I figured it out!


    1. Lol, I agree, it’s much better just to accept and come to terms with my flaws and I have found life is all the funnier because of them heehee. I have a feeling one day I’ll be joining you and walking out with no shoes on 😉


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