Wouldn’t it be nice to just hit “erase” 

   I tend to over think things. Especially bad moments or experiences. I tend to replay them over and over in my mind trying to figure out where things went wrong. Which is ok, but also at the same time futile. It’s ok when the thinking brings new light to a situation, but futile once… Continue reading Wouldn’t it be nice to just hit “erase” 

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About a girl: mommy vs self 

Brené Brown has a great video On Empathy that explains so well the difference between empathy and sympathy. About that vulnerable place where you are asked to “feel with a person” when they are saying to you, with or without words “I’m scared, I’m overwhelmed”.  I experienced a very vulnerable moment this morning in which a rush… Continue reading About a girl: mommy vs self 

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Laughter, Memories, and Karaoke

Last night was filled with singing, eating, dancing, and just plain wonderful fun as we gathered for our Staff Christmas party!! This year one of our awesome volunteers opened her home to us and invited us to celebrate our party at her beautiful home. I was in awe of the place as I walked in.… Continue reading Laughter, Memories, and Karaoke

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All the little things that add up to amazing

As I was walking toward home today after having come back from a work “farewell” get together, I was reminded of all the little things in my life that add up to such amazing blessings. Sometimes it’s so easy to dwell on the mundane day to day things that keep our life busy, and to… Continue reading All the little things that add up to amazing


You’re In Big Trouble Missy!

Yesterday I made a pretty big mistake at work that could result in a grievance filed against our company for using non-unions guys at one of our job sites. Considering that I’ve been here 13 1/2 years and it’s the first time I make a mistake of such massive proportion I’d say my track record is pretty damn great. Plus I… Continue reading You’re In Big Trouble Missy!