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Change and new beginnings

The last week has been a whirlwind of emotions.

Much to my surprise (and total happiness) I was offered a job at my intern place, WHW!! I honestly never expected this to happen, and especially not so soon, and I need to say it before I even continue, God truly has a way of placing us where he knows we are meant to be.

When I was looking for my internship hours I was already set to volunteer at a different place when I decided to email the volunteer coordinator for WHW and check out their organization. Initially what I had liked about WHW was that I could start my hours immediately, versus the other place didn’t need me until July 9th. I remember when I told my boss I’d found my intern place he got a little nervous and said to please make sure I gave him a few months notice once I decided to pursue a job more in line with my degree (Sociology) and I remember so clearly getting this look of surprise on my face and telling him “oh definitely, this is just an internship to complete school credits, I’ll probably still be here for another 1 – 2 years at least”. Little did I know what lay ahead.

But let me back track a bit and tell you about my work since I don’t really ever mention it in my posts. I’ve been working at my current job, a small steel construction company for 15 years and 7 months and in that time I’ve become my boss’s right hand. I started working for him at about age 22, but he’s known known me longer than that though because he met my parents when I was 16 years old and since then he has seen me go through so many seasons in my life, some really happy and difficult times. He’s seen me grow from a teenager, to a young lady, to a married woman with a baby. This is why asking him to meet me at the office on Saturday and telling him the news that I was offered a job at my intern place was such a bittersweet and emotional moment for me. He said he kind of imagined that’s what I was going to tell him because he said now that I’m closer to graduating he knew I would be looking for something closer to my field of study. We had a moment where we both got teary eyed because he said it was going to be difficult getting used to not seeing me walk through the door and seeing me every day but he knew this day was coming, just wasn’t expecting it to be so soon, but that he knows I am overqualified for what I am doing there at my work and that I am ready to pursue something more related to my degree. He got choked up when he explained that it was very similar to watching his daughter graduating HS and that while it hurts to see her go, he knows he needs to let her fly, and that he could never hold me back and needed to do the same with me. I felt very touched by his words.

My last day will be August 2nd and in the meantime I will be training my dear cousin “beanie” (our nicknames to each other) to take my place as the Office Manager/Project Admin of the company. I am so happy that my boss accepted my suggestion of hiring her because I know she has a very strong work ethic, is professional, and comes with a lot of admin and customer service experience. I have complete trust and faith that she will do an excellent job filling my position and giving my boss the peace of mind he needs by knowing that he has someone reliable and hard working in that position.

This month will be one of the happiest for me again because I’ll get to work alongside her as I train her. Although I know my last day will be a difficult one, I am beyond excited, nervous, and scared for all the new changes and experiences that are to come. Change can be such a scary and exhilarating thing because of all the unknown, however what I am going to do is completely entrust it all to God and have faith that he knows where I am heading.


2 thoughts on “Change and new beginnings

    1. Thank you, Kate!! I was just saying that this morning how all these are scary yet good feelings to have. The hardest part was telling my boss. He was so supportive though! I can’t wait to see how it goes 🙂


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