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Trying Not To Be “Bullyfied” (In the Bulldog sense)

For the sake of today’s post, the term “bullyfied” (which my husband and I coined) will mean: Trying not to maintain laziness.

Ever since becoming a new mommy, getting a decent workout has become something of a challenge. As it was, before I became a mom working out was something of a love-hate relationship for me. I had those spells where I was completely devoted to my gym-relationship and then I’d suddenly go on hiatus and it would take all the will power in the world to drag my heinie back into the gym or outside for a workout. Granted, getting our bulldog Biggie was a tremendous help because even on those lazy days, if my husband was at work, I had no excuse and had to walk our dog twice a day or there would be trouble (of the smelly kind) at home.

So, here I am now, 8 months into being a new mom and getting a workout in still remains challenging. It’s not always for lack of motivation (or laziness) either. The first few months of being new parents were miserable with the sleep deprivation and trying to figure out what in the heck we were doing, so the idea of working out was locked up tight in some lost file in my mind. But then as our daughter got older and things got more manageable, for a while I got into a routine where every time my husband was off work, if it fell on the days I wasn’t at work (I work part time) I would make a dash for the gym. This didn’t always work out though since my husband’s schedule isn’t consistent where he always has the same days off. And other things would come into play also, like scheduling conflicts with her feeding time, trying to coordinate with my husband, needing to complete other tasks, or just sheer exhaustion made it difficult to just get up and go. You can bet I look back to all those countless opportunities I had to workout pre-baby and didn’t, and I can’t help but laugh at myself. Jokes on me.

Then a few days ago my husband told me about this wonderful cell phone application that his friend from work told him about and it’s quickly become my new motivation…a workout buddy you might even say. It’s this thing called Endomondo and I’m loving it! By turning on my GPS and choosing a few options, when I go for a powerwalk it tracks the duration of my workout, my distance, avg speed, avg pace, and calories. And since getting a power walk in is something I can usually do quite easily with Celeste in tow (as long as she’s already been fed and so have I/we) it makes using the new application even easier for me. Just knowing that I have something tangible I can use that will track my workout history has given me some needed motivation because I love seeing the progress I make day by day.

I don’t know when I’ll get myself back in the gym again or to a group class (that’s my next goal) but at least in the meantime it feels great knowing that getting in my power walk and viewing my workout history keeps me inspired for the next day.

I’d love to hear what helps keep you motivated to get your workout in!


2 thoughts on “Trying Not To Be “Bullyfied” (In the Bulldog sense)

  1. I hear ya! I have this same love-hate relationship with working out! The best thing that has helped me to keep it up is defining my reasons for wanting to work out. I often need to remind myself why this is good and important.

    Seeing it on paper has been a big help (Habakkuk 2:2 ) and it also keeps me focused when other things (so easily) can come up and distract me. (Proverbs 29:18) When I review what my goals are then its much easier to prioritize working out.

    I also frequently make a second list of the benefits and changes I have seen/gotten since working out. This also helps me when Im annoyed or cant be bothered, It reminds me how awesome it is when I am consistent.

    Keep it up!!


    1. Bree, thank you so much for your comments, I especially loved the Bible references that you added in there, I looked them up of course. It hasn’t been easy staying on track with the working out but I try and take each day as it comes. Goals are key!


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