In walked relief (and gratefulness)

I feel like a new woman!

I’ve been absent from here for so long but I can almost safely say that not a day went by that I didn’t think about posting, but I just could not find the time to write a proper post without worrying about the time I was losing to studying/reading instead.

This past Thursday (May 16th) I finally finished the Spring semester of school! I could hardly believe it when I turned in my last paper that that was it, I was done, free for the summer. No more reading, studying, getting teary over exhaustion/lack of study time, and just being a grumpy person at times with circles under her eyes to show for it.

And so much has happened since the last post I wrote. I almost want to write every detail of it but it would be too lengthy so I’ll try my best to summarize, although I’ve been known to turn my writings sometimes into mini novels. (Interruption…) I decided to step away from the post to see if my math professor had posted the official grade for my Intro to Data Analysis class and I could hardly believe my eyes…I GOT AN A!!!!! I’m seriously beaming right now. This class was SO difficult for me, especially because the last time I had taken Intro to Statistics was in 2009, and that class had me in tears, but I also passed it with an A =) Needless to say I am one happy person right now. I’m just waiting to find out what I got in my Modern Theories class. I loved our Professor for that class. He’s so passionate about what he teaches and held us accountable which I think is fantastic.

So back to everything that’s happened in the last month and few days. First off, God willing, I just have one semester left and I’m done with my Sociology Degree. It’s been such a long journey with many ups and downs and ultimately just so many great achievements that it’s difficult to believe the end is so near.

A few weeks ago I had visited an advisor who told me I just had 3 classes to go and I’d be done, I was presented with various options and the one I decided on, in order to be done by end of Fall 2013 was to take a summer course (which I was not looking forward to the summer class time) and then my two last classes in the Fall. Cool, all set. But I had this odd feeling and decided to go back a couple weeks later and see a different advisor, who gave me the surprising news that I actually needed 4 total classes to graduate not 3. Screeching halt. Since I cannot take more than 2 classes a semester right now (lack of time between working, school, and being a mommy) that only gave me two options…take the extra necessary class in the summer – which meant I’d be spending the entire summer in school and then jumping right into Fall session. Not looking forward to that! Or, take one class in the Spring 2014. Drag.

But then my advisor said I actually had a few options. I could do an internship, 120 hours to get 3 units (counts as 1 class) or, because he noticed I have a high GPA in my Sociology courses, I could speak to one of my current or past instructors about being a grading assistant (peer facilitator).

Well it turns out God did some amazing work for me. I talked to my favorite instructor (who happens to also run the internship program) and to make a long story a little bit shorter, she said she was planning to offer me the Peer Facilitator option in the Fall for her Classical Theories course (which I loved) and we figured out I could do the internship during the summer, woohoo!!

Now I just need to secure the internship which I’m looking into, I’ll explain the details for that later.

I’m just so grateful to God because when I put things in his hands he always leads me in the right direction and while I may not realize it at the time (because I get absorbed in myself) what I find is that at his side everything is always possible.


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