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Time for a family getaway

Image courtesy of Google search
Image courtesy of Google search

I really shouldn’t be blogging at this hour. Actually I should have been in bed an hour ago, but I’m too excited (thus way alert) to fall asleep just yet anyway. I know my limitations though so I won’t make this too long.

Tomorrow my husband, daughter, and our bulldog Biggie are off on a four day get away to Idyllwild – Pine Cove, CA! My husband and I are in desperate need of some time away, because quite honestly we’re a wee bit burned out from work, school, and every day busy-ness. We had originally planned on possibly visiting Hawaii, but boy is it expensive this time of year! So we kept coming up with different options and decided on Idyllwild.

At first we thought about renting our friend’s RV but the only drawback to that is that there isn’t room inside for Celeste’s pack and play and that would mean she’d be sleeping in bed with us and I was pretty much the one that quickly said nope, not game for that. We did the RV thing with her at around 6 months of age and the nights were not comfortable. Then my friend from school mentioned a website to me, which basically specializes in room (bed and breakfast style) rentals or you can even choose “entire home/apt”, which is what we opted for.

This website is amazing! If you haven’t heard of it I highly recommend you check it out for your future travels. I was amazed by the different options. I mean seriously, why would anyone want to book a hotel when you can rent someone’s entire home/apt?! I mean yes there’s the commodity of a hotel doing all your room cleaning etc…but this other options just has me floored. We ended up finding this beautiful cozy looking 2 bedroom 2 story home in what appears to be the middle of the woods in Idyllwild. I was sold!

And this is what has me so excited today. That we’re going somewhere quiet and relaxing with not only our daughter, but we get to take Biggie along for the adventure too because it turns out pets are welcome in this couple’s home and they have a large fenced yard where he can run around like a free bully. I can not wait!! And guess what else? No cable or internet access. Oh yes, goodbye constant magnetic like pull to check FB newsfeeds when you’ve got nothing else to do, or so you think you don’t.

So I’ll be a bit MIA for the next few days but hopefully I’ll be able to touch base again on Saturday evening when we return.

A wonderful rest of the week to you all!

I leave you with this video, which is totally unrelated to this subject but I thought you might enjoy it. Plus I love this song. Makes me think of my husband. Love to you all 🙂



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