Every Morning is Christmas Morning!

I absolutely loved this post and had to share. i have been following Bree’s journey for some time and now she is recently married. Her words were such a gift from God to read this morning (my exact words to her). I also told Bree how her message served as a reminder to me of my early days of marriage and how important it is to not let that feeling of awe go dormant, overall to keep that sense of awe fresh and alive in all aspects of our life. It isn’t always easy, especially when exhaustion wants to seep in, and that’s when it’s important to place God first and allow him to let us feel that awe again.
Her sweet post reminded me of lots of my own moments I continue to have when I am very aware, such as being able to understand when she talks about her guy having his very own scent, and how it made me smile when I stopped and thought of my own husband’s scent and the small movements and gestures he makes at random times of the day and how happy I have felt to have him to snuggle throughout the night and wake up to in the mornings. Or the sweet feeling I get when I see him resting peacefully, engrossed in a book, or that feeling of pure happiness when he’s holding my hand. It’s an extraordinary feeling to know you’ve had when you are aware and allowing yourself to be in awe!

Happily Daily After

Sweets has encouraged me to Journal/ record my thoughts and feelings at this early stage in our union so that in later years if I ever need to, I can look back and remember what we are doing this all for and how it all started.

I have been struggling to sleep next to him still. Just not used to another body in the bed! Its taking longer than I thought it would to get used to and this is something I had not heard before! I assumed that I would just LOVE sleeping next to him so much that I would instantly fall into blissful sleep. Not so! He breathes and makes noises, sometimes he moves even! and I don’t know if this is normal and just something I never was told before/came across in all my readings – but guys (well my guy anyhow!) also have their own…

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