Precious Time


This little phrase couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. I found out last night that my dad’s sister passed away on Sunday. We had been estranged from my dad’s side of the family for many years because of family problems that are too complicated and too much detail to go into just now, so when my mom told my husband the news so that he could tell me in person, my initial reaction was surprise and pretty much a quiet “wow”. But other than that I didn’t get sad or anything because like I mentioned our families had been estranged for many many years. Plus my aunt had been very hurtful and mean towards my family (mom and brother) and so I’m sure a bit of that was mixed in the lack of emotion to the news. I do feel bad that my cousins lost their mom and my uncle is now a widow, and I pray that God will help them in the healing process.

This got me talking with my husband of various family history with my dad’s family and one very essential thing came to mind, how important it is to plant good things in our lives and be good human beings and also to really value the blessings we have and appreciate those around us and just really enjoy the time we have with those we love.


3 thoughts on “Precious Time

  1. So very, very true. It’s important to keep our hearts open and do everything from a place of love. Doesn’t mean only good things will happen to us, but it means that we gave it our best and took time to appreciate all we had!. Love this post!


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