Bubble Gum Pink

I’ve seriously begun to question my better judgment. Remember I mentioned not to long ago that I’m not very girlie girlie by nature? I don’t do the accessorizing or polished looking makeup very well, but I by no means look disheveled either. Well lately I’ve decided to have my nails done and the first time around I of course chose a very neutral skin tone color so that they would look more natural. A few weeks have gone by and it was time for a touch up and so I chose to go bold, which in my case would be anything other than neutral or clear polish. I ended up with what I am now pretty sure is bubble gum pink on my nails. My daughter of course loved it when she saw it and then showed me her own nails as if silently asking how could she get that same color. I’m trying to tell myself maybe it’s just the lighting in here, whatever the case may be its bubble gum pink for the next couple weeks!


2 thoughts on “Bubble Gum Pink

  1. hahahaha – I very seldom paint my fingernails – or have them done – maybe once a year. But once a month I plop myself down in the massage chair and get my toes done. A few years ago I decided that it was worth the $30 to have an hour by myself just once a month and let myself be a bit pampered! Naturally, I go for the most bold color there is – bright purple, blue, green, orange, coral, but never, ever pink! Too girly! And no flowers!!


    1. I hear you! that’s me too, these kind of choices are so unlike me. I seriously don’t know what I was thinking! Next time I’m pre choosing my own polish from what I have at home. Oh and thankfully I had enough sense not to add any flowers hahaha!!


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