Honestly, don’t even know what to call this post. Disliking “time”

Mondays are always the most exhausting at work. Sometimes it just feels like an endless sea of donations to sort through and as I see the clock nearing the end of my shift I feel relieved to go home but also a bit worried that things weren’t left as clean or completed as I would have liked, but really there’s only so much one person can do. After that it’s off to buy groceries (at two different places mind you) and then come home, unload everything, and get ready to walk our dog Biggie.

That becomes like a mini break of sorts, even though secretly I’d much rather be home with my feet up on the couch for even just 5 minutes. And as I’m walking Biggie and my mind begins to wonder (on thoughts of tasks yet still to try to complete before the end of the day) and I catch myself feeling in my pocket for my cell phone, I stop myself. I take a deep breath, release the hold I had on my phone and tell myself to just enjoy the walk, to breathe in the fresh crisp air and how different the day looks now that the night sky has begun to settle. How easy it is to just lose ourselves in that sense of busyness and completing one task after another, and how important it becomes to be aware of this and not let it happen.

I’ve been wanting so badly to get on here and write and share so many things that have happened and as three or four different things popped in my mind that I could get done I just ignored them and wait straight for my laptop. And I thought I had at least 15 minutes to write but I just got a call that I need to be at my mom’s sooner than I had anticipated and despite my annoyance I can’t do anything but close this post for the moment and continue it later. Sigh. Sometimes this lack of time is just annoying, tiresome, and frustrating.

I hope to be back soon.


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