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The House Wife Workout

I was feeling rather ballsy yesterday.

It was my day off (I work part time) and that meant it was a full day with our daughter. By 11am I had already picked up around the house, done a load of laundry, played and fed our daughter her breakfast, made my husband breakfast, and vacuumed the house as well as a large carpet we have in the garage. And because all that just wasn’t quite enough for tasks completed before noon, I decided it was time I started working out again.

For awhile I had been really good about going for a run in the mornings, but then I suddenly found myself doing nothing. My only savior was that my new job requires less sitting at a desk and more walking around and being active. I’m so thankful for that because I was able to lose a lot more of the lingering post baby fat.

But my husband was right when he said I needed to work out and decide whether I was going to keep my gym membership. I think I can safely say I haven’t set foot in there in at least a year. So I was slightly offended at first when my husband brought this up but then he told me it’s not because I’m fat but because it will be good for me emotionally, which is true.

So since I needed to shower up anyway, I decided to search for a 30 minute workout on you tube. My husband often finds and does some great quick workouts at home when it’s late or just doesn’t want to head outside.

I found this great workout from which was a 30 minute low cardio workout . By the end of the 30 minutes I had sweat beads dripping off my face as I did my final stretches. I just know I am going to be feeling this at work later, especially given the fact I had already done a bit of house stuff, but it was worth it and I can’t wait to keep a regular workout rhythm and get back on track.

You should definitely check out the website too for more of their exercise videos.


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