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Funny Moment #I’ve-lost-track

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Having a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 5 1/2 year old English bulldog is like having two kids at home, and anyone that wants to tell me otherwise, well I just plain beg to differ. The antics and funny and frustrating moments are never ending.

Today was pretty cute because I walked in with our daughter in my arms ready to just give her her nighttime milk and get her in bed. But when we walked in she wanted me to set her down on the floor because she wanted to say hi to Biggie (our bulldog). As I’m setting her down and my legs are opening in a somewhat squat position, Biggie decided he’s going to pop his head right through my legs and sneak a kissy hello to our daughter. It was too darn adorable. Those are the cute moments.

The not so cute moments are when I finally get her down to bed and I mistakenly leave the door to our second bedroom open (her play area) and without thinking I walk to the garage to get some items out of the car and 4 seconds later I walk back in and I hear a noise coming from her room. Biggie!! That little beast is already trying to swipe away one of her crayons to chew on.

Also I’m pretty sure we may be one of the only or very few people that have a 4′ high gate running from our hallway to our front door which we use to keep Biggie in the living room area when we don’t want him creating havoc in the baby’s room. The little beast has figured out though which angle to push in the gate with his head and that bends the gate in such a way that he can easily wiggle through and mission accomplished he’s back in the forbidden place.

What about dinner time? Our daughter has learned that if she throws her unwanted food over the table Biggie is more than willing and eager to catch it. Nasty looking veggies, not a problem, super Biggie to the rescue. Or often times it’s me trying to convince our daughter to eat and having to push Biggie away at the same time telling him NOT to try and eat her food.

And time outs, they aren’t just for our daughter, oh no, Biggie is all too familiar with the word time out as well. What cracks me up are the times where he knows he was bad (snatched food away from her spoon) and he willingly allows us to guide him to the time out area. Time out is such a popular sport that sometimes our daughter willingly asks to be put in Biggie’s time out corner, with said gate blocking her from getting out and everything.

Sometimes I think those two are working together as a team and finding a way to wear us down.


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