I’m a writer, and I heart writing

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How absolutely cool is it that my uber sweet coworker/friend RC surprised me with a lovely journal as a belated birthday present?! Here’s the thing though, not only did she give me a journal, but so did my other super cool coworker/friend CL.

Two gals that I’ve known for less than a year gave me a journal without even knowing how much I absolutely love to write – they do know I have my blog, but they don’t know though how truly passionate I can get about writing, and yet they each surprised me with a journal.

When someone happens to compliment my writing or the way I express myself via writing, the glee I feel inside is equivalent to the happiness I feel when I am helping someone. This is something so extremely meaningful to me, and yet I am so incredibly shy about something I love so much (writing) because it’s 100% personal and attached to me. It stays with me and it’s an expression of myself – my deepest self. When I help and give to others it brings me so much joy, it’s an outward expression of the kind of person I strive to be, someone that assists others. But when I share my writing, my personal thoughts and feelings, that is something so personal and private. It is me exposed and vulnerable, and to share that part of myself and on top of it get complimented…well that’s just pure joy!

I recently started the very first newsletter to keep my four friends and I up to date on the goings on of our lives since it’s difficult for all four of us to get together frequently. I was so nervous about hitting send because I felt that the newsletter was a little rough around the edges. My friends reactions completely took away any doubts or fears I had had. One of my friends said it was awesome, that she normally doesn’t read anything, she just skims, but she read it from top to bottom and complimented my writing.  I got all chocked up.

When you love something so much and yet you are fearful of sharing it because someone telling you “wow this sucks” will feel pretty awful, it sure is a pure moment of joy to get positive feedback in return. I know not everyone will like the way I express myself or the voice they hear in their head coming across my written words, and that’s okay.

I write because I love to express myself this way, and I write for those that will enjoy it.



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