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Kyoto – Exploring the city

Kyoto has been the most amazing experience so far. On our second day here my husband found a place where we could rent bikes and explore Kyoto. Best thing ever!!

There is something so freeing about riding a bike, exploring the city, and feeling the cool breeze on your face. I can’t imagine a better way to get around.

Our first stop was Philosophers Walk where we got to see some beautiful Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. We also found a hiking trail that led to a cemetery but we didn’t do the hike because we had Celeste with us and it would take us longer to complete. From there we went to visit Silver Pavilion, Shimogamo Shrine, to the Imperial Palace late evening, and then took a little river trail down the Kamo-gawa River – which felt like pure freedom, then went back to the hotel to drop off our bikes, and while walking around looking for a place to eat we ended up in Gion corner where we saw a beautifully dressed Geisha walking down one of the small side streets. I wish I had gotten a picture of her but I felt it would be too intrusive.

It was a wonderful day of site seeing and we thoroughly enjoyed our time on the bikes. We had planned to use them Sunday again but unfortunately the weather didn’t really allow for that. More on that to follow…

Sayonara for now.


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