Tokyo experience – Part 1

We are 6 days into our trip to Japan and it has been so fun and unpredictable. Traveling with a toddler is an adventure in itself for sure! If there is one thing I’m learning is what a lesson in flexibility and patience it is to travel with a baby. Lots of patience.

Celeste has actually been such a trooper. Like every kid there’s been some mild and epic tantrums, one in particular was along the river in Tokyo near the Fisherman’s area. She just plopped on the floor and let it all out. Thankfully It was a pretty empty area so her audience was only us, but still have to admit it rattled my nerves hahaha.

The flight in was amazing, she did so incredibly well. We were so glad when we finally landed and didn’t realize we still had another two hours to go to arrive to our destination and Celeste just bared it so well like a seasoned traveler. We were amazed.

We stayed at Hotel Niwa Tokyo and the service and experience there was awesome. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. There is so much to see that we definitely want to come back. The subway experience was great except we had to lug around our stroller so whenever we saw stairs only, both my husband and I inwardly groaned. I must say I am definitely building arm muscle!

On our second day of sight seeing we decided to visit Imperial Palace and en route there (walking) it started to rain. We found shelter under a rest area and hung out there for a bit then proceeded on to the Palace. Absolutely amazing to witness. Until it started to rain harder and Celeste fell asleep in the stroller with plastic bags covering her legs from the knee down to keep her feet dry and my husband hold the tips of an umbrella over her head and another umbrella stashed within his jacket and kept in place there so he wouldn’t get soaked. As we walked along in the rain I couldn’t help but think oh my gosh I am one of those persons now that I often see back home walking in the rain totally unprepared. My husband said he thought at one point, why are we doing this, why not just grab a taxi, it’s not like we’re strapped for money. And yet we continued onward until we reached the subway station. Definitely a memory I won’t soon forget!

There is so much more to share but I need to get some rest and will continue more later… Sayonara!


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