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A life long goal

Today was a very special day and the culmination of perseverance, dedication, and passion. Today I walked at the 65th Annual Commencement Ceremony at California State University Long Beach in acceptance of completion of my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

I had my husband, parents, and daughter sharing in the ceremony with me, as well as countless other friends and family cheering me on in spirit. As I sat there waiting for our turn to approach the podium I reflected on all I had conquered to get to this point and just smiled from within thinking of all my family and friends unending support and encouragement.

Prior to the ceremony, our Sociology Department also hosted a brunch to honor us with some awards and I was a very proud recipient of an Academic Excellence Award. A very special gift for me, recognizing all the hard work I put into my college experience.

Words can’t explain how exhilarated and very proud of myself I felt, as well as immensely thankful to God and my family for seeing me through.



3 thoughts on “A life long goal

  1. So awesome! I am really impressed by everything you were able to achieve, while doing so many other things at the same time. Keep the updates coming, and the words from your heart, I love it all!


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