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That unexpected naked moment

A few days ago we were having a typical toddler day at home – tears and tantrums.

I can’t even remember if it was a work day or off day, but I needed to shower and Celeste was cranky and when she requested some crackers I gladly obliged. Then she told me she wanted to play outside in the little patio we have.

Normally I would be okay with this but I really needed to shower and although I considered it momentarily I of course said no and explained I couldn’t keep an eye on her. You know, now that I think about it, it must have been a work day because otherwise I wouldn’t have cared if I showered or not. At any rate she wasn’t happy with my response and quickly brought on the waterworks. So I told her she could either come with me or stay there and cry. She chose to stay.

So I quickly ran to the shower and within a few minutes the worry thoughts started to come. I realized that I had left her with the pack of crackers in her hand and our boy (bulldog) Biggie was out there with her. Then I began to think, shit what if he wants to snatch the crackers from her and, knowing our daughter, she’s not going to just give them up. So then came the thought, oh my gosh what if he gets aggressive and barks at her or worse yet accidentally bites her in trying to get the crackers? Of course this is all just my imagination getting the best of me, but again, she’s out there alone and I’m in the shower. Then all of a sudden I hear a blood curdling scream from her. Panic!

Without even thinking, and with instant visions of her bitten and maybe bleeding flooding my mind, I bolt out of the shower. Without thinking!!

I am bare ass naked in the living room and my brain quickly takes in the scene…Biggie is totally chillin on the couch and she’s screaming like someone just cut her leg off. She sees me and holds up here slipper. “My slipper, my slipper” she screams between sobs.

Are you freaking kidding me?!?! She couldn’t get here slipper back on and that was the reason for the bloody scream. Oh my gosh, arrggghhh!!!

Once I realize she’s fine I rush my naked self over to her, she looks at me all bewildered and wide eyed, then I basically hiss at her “that’s enough!” and carry her with me (all the while I’m dripping wet) to the bathroom and tell her she’s to remain quiet while I finish showering, and plop her on the floor.

Seconds later while I’m behind the curtain I realize she’s too quiet and I take a peek and she is sitting there quietly looking up at me, and sweetly says to me with a smile “I’m waiting mommy”. Hahahaha!!

Thank The Lord we keep our living room blinds closed!


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