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The 7 Words I Don’t Want To Hear Again As A Mommy

“Mami, I have poopoo on my leg” said my toddler as she half hid under the restaurant table.

These are the things that other parents don’t tell you or share with you when you’re pregnant with your first kid. It’s almost like a rite of passage that you have to experience and discover all on your own in order to fully enjoy the joy of parenthood.

When I browse and look through my Facebook newsfeed and see my single young co-workers posting their fun child free outings I can’t help but giggle, because I’ve been there and now I’m here. And I wouldn’t change it.

After a long day at work and then getting home to walk our bulldog, my parents decided to treat Celeste and I to dinner rather than eat home. My dad had never been to Chic-Fil-A so we decided to go there since it’s so close to home.

We were having a nice time enjoying the food and just as we were done eating, the young girl that had rung up our order came by to see how everything was and offered us dessert, on the house. My parents enjoyed a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cone and Celeste and I shared a mini sundae.

Then Celeste decided to climb off the booth seat and semi hide under the table. When she started to say “shhh” I instantly knew she was either going #2 or about to, so I quickly asked if she wanted to use the toilet. She’s begun to get better with potty training. So she said yes but then quickly said no and I thought, great she’s already gone in the diaper and is just finishing up.

Then she got this startled look on her face and she said something but at first I couldn’t understand her. That’s when I heard “Mami, I have poopoo on my leg”

I can’t even explain how quickly the thoughts went flying through my brain and when I moved her to see what she was talking about it’s like a part of me was horrified and the other didn’t even know how to register what I was seeing. I’m sure my jaw dropped.

There was a part of my brain that didn’t seem to understand what in the hell was on the floor. It was a small little puddle of poop that had somehow escaped her diaper and slid down her leg and partially plopped on her foot and sandal while the other part had hit the floor. Seriously it was as if she had no diaper on, but she did and I was truly dumbfounded.

And Of course this was the one time I didn’t carry the diaper bag with me because I had left it behind in my car when my parents suggested we carpool in their van. No diapers, no wipes, no change of clothes. And on top of it I was trying to clean her while I begged my parents to get a plastic bag from the employees and a wet towel or something. I was mortified and yet also wanting to just burst out laughing while at the same time run and hide.

What I did do was run off to my parents house and grab the diaper bag from my car. When I got back and my mom and I changed Celeste we realized it had been one of those bizarre accidents. She didn’t have diarrhea, just one of those moments when too much pee and poo all at once was too much for the diaper.

These are the moments I now live for.


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