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Most memorable 2014 moments

2014 was a true blessing. While there were some challenges – particularly personal growth for myself, we definitely are blessed with more than we could ask for. Here is my list of what I treasured the most:

1. Japan – trip of a lifetime! Still can’t believe we got to walk the streets of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima – all with our 2 year old!

2. Graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from CSU – Long Beach. A personal goal I worked extremely hard to accomplish

3. Pregnant with Baby # 2 and enjoying a healthy pregnancy so far as we eagerly await the arrival of our little girl. Due date is 1/24/15 so we’ll see when the big day comes

4. Getting promoted to Operations and Donations Manager at WHW, but more important than that, the special and close relationships I’ve been able to cultivate since working there. It’s more valuable than any title and I’m thankful to God for the huge leap I took

5. Camping trips with my husband and Celeste – we even upgraded our two person tent to a more roomy family size one. I foresee more camping trips in our near future

6. Watching our daughter blossom every day, from the words and phrases she says to us to the absolute wonder she explores life with each day.

7. Seeing my husband bond more and more with Celeste and being blessed that she has such a wonderful male figure in her dad and seeing how he lights up when he’s around her and how tender and loving he is with our daughter. Nothing could be more valuable.

8. Successful potty training for our 3 year old!!

9. Blessed with great health

10. Being able to enjoy time with family and friends and working on building a stronger relationship with my husband

Next time I’m going to share a wonderful article on the resolutions / goals that are truly worth making for the new year. May each of you experience countless joy this year and your hearts be filled with love and happiness.

Thank you God for a truly remarkable and blessed 2014!


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