Welcome home little one

I’ve been wanting so badly to get on here and post about so many different things that have happened, but just when I’m about to, something comes up. Or I want to write but at the moment rest and sneaking in sleep time are top priority.

Our newest little family member has arrived! A week ago on Monday 1/19/15 at 2:49pm we welcomed our second daughter – Elysse.

Thankfully we had a really great birth experience, although this time around the contractions I felt were definitely way more intense than with our first born.

I don’t have much time to write because I can hear C getting ready to wake up and little E is fighting falling asleep. What I will share though real quick is the two little sisters first meeting.

When C arrived at the hospital in the arms of my husband I was a little anxious to see how she would react. E was napping in the little hospital bassinet like thing and the moment C saw her she cooed “oh she’s so cute!!” My husband then set C down and picked up E and suddenly C started to sing her songs and gently touch her and kiss her. It was so beautiful and touching to watch.

It’s been an interesting week with beautiful moments like that and also some challenging times, but all I can say is we are blessed and thankful to God for each moment.

Ok C is up!


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