Do you see what I see? 

This past weekend my brother, sis in law, niece and nephew visited us from Arizona. The last time we saw them was when I was 4 months pregnant so it was extra special to see them and for them to meet Elysse in person. 

Celeste has a huge love for My Little Pony and my niece Madison has a bunch of little pony toys from her toddler days that she’s now handing down to our girl. This visit she bright C like 20 ponies, with names that I have yet to learn. But the craziest thing was this, Some of the ponies have magnets on the bottom of their hooves. I didn’t know this, so imagine my surprise and baffled look when I walked into my mom’s house and saw this:

These are adorable ponies but I can’t for the life of me understand why the toy company would think it a good idea to put magnets on their hooves. Why do ponies need to hang out like that? I am baffled. Is it so they look kind of like they’re flying but stopped to hang sideways off the fridge door? They look creepy but also funny to me! What do you think? 

Now here’s another fun image. Whenever I happen to walk Biggie around our community I ways do a double take when I get near this house and see this image up ahead. My overactive imagination and eyes love to play games with me. But if you just take a quick glance, doesn’t it look like two blues brothers type heads looking back at you? Right?! 

Here’s a close up where it still could deceive you but then you realize it’s two lamp posts. Do you see what I mean though, or am I just tripping? 


4 thoughts on “Do you see what I see? 

      1. Maybe some mom got pissed because her child kept knocking them over and she was sick of retrieving the ponies from the ground so she made them magnets and put them on a flat metal slab of some sort? I wish all crayons were magnets and all restaurant tables were magnetic for instance….


      2. That must be it! I totally get you on the crayons. We have a dog and Celeste leaves them around the floor and when Biggie happens to get in there it’s a massive melt down when he steals one of them because that was the specific one she wanted. Maybe all toys should be magnetic.

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