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Little performer 

Yesterday when Celeste and I went to walk Biggie in the evening she found this small spot where she suddenly started to dance and sing. Then she asked me to sing so that she could dance to the song. 

I stood there watching her twirl, bend, twist, and do all sorts of movements, flowing so naturally and without the slightest inhibition from one move to the next, occasionally looking at me and smiling, and my heart just lit up. 

We love music. We will often play music or dance videos on our tv and my husband, Celeste, and I will break out in dance. Sometimes as we are all dancing around I will quietly step back and take it all in, and I get a knot in my throat as I thank the Lord for the blessing of living and enjoying that moment. 

Earlier today we were at a store and the music was bumping and without even thinking I started to dance in the middle of all the racks without the slightest inhibition, and as I caught my daughter watching me and then instantly beginning to dance along with me, my heart lit up. 

I love the art of expressing emotions and feelings through music and dance. One of my favorite childhood memories are of my ballet and tap dancing days. And I love that our little Celeste loves it so much too and to just watch her light up with joy when she dances. 


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