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Jenna and the giant peach 

That’s the name of the color I decided to paint my nails at 2:40am because I can’t sleep. 


Maybe next time I’ll try the “we are mint to be” color. Nail polish names crack me up. 

I shouldn’t be writing at this hour and instead soaking in whatever sleep time I can get but I just can’t sleep right now. 

Elysse, our 11 week old, is still waking up twice at night and today she decided to wake up just three hours after her last feeding. Just as I had her soothed with the pacifier, I suddenly hear Celeste screaming from her room “I need to go to the toilet” about 5 times. Oh Jesus. 

Then she started to cry while sitting on the toilet that she wanted to sleep in our bed. Normally I would be like no, you have your room. But seriously now with a newborn my first thought is its enough I have a crying toddler I don’t need to add a screaming 11 week old to the mix also. 

So now our 11 week old is fast asleep again in her crib, our almost 3 1/2 year old is cuddled in bed with her papa, and I’m sitting on the toilet seat lid with my freshly painted peach colored nails. 


I hope this is true when I’m awakened again in a couple of hours for the next feeding, ha! 


3 thoughts on “Jenna and the giant peach 

  1. First of all, I have always dreamed of having the job of naming mail polishes. Best job ever. Second, good for you! Sitting on a toilet and painting your nails is genius. Add a martini next time and you have yourself a real oasis!

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    1. Shelby I am so curious, what would be your first nail polish name?! Oh my gosh a martini, yes! I have to remember that next time. Best mommy time ever!


      1. Hmmmm… would be a coral color and I would call it “who is this kid following me around?” No, that’s too long. It would be a dusty purple color and I would call it Grandma’s Potpourri. Ugh, this is harder than I thought! Lol. It would take me all week to do one color.


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